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International Conference on the Water Crisis in the Asia-Pacific Region



The International Conference on the Water Crisis in the Asia-Pacific Region to be held by Kagawa University from 10-12 February 2015 will address the global water resource crisis faced in the current 21st century due to increasing water demand and climate change.

The Sanuki region of Kagawa Prefecture has a long history of struggles against water shortage. Frequent droughts have historically compelled people to improve local water supply systems. It has been proved that Manno-ike, which was one of the largest reservoirs in ancient Japan, was first constructed more than 1,300 years ago. Since then long-time efforts to improve irrigation systems, especially for paddy fields, have created a beautiful landscape embracing more than 14,000 reservoirs. However, it was not until the construction of the Kagawa Canal in 1974 that the scarcity of a fresh water supply was resolved. Today, the lessons learnt in this history can provide us with a strong intellectual basis for taking technological approaches towards water resource management and constituting natural, social and cultural capital that will contribute to the sustainable development of Asia-Pacific societies challenged with the water crisis this century.

The conference will focus on the following themes:

  1. An integrated approach based on technological, environmental and cultural research to solve the water crisis in the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. International cooperation to utilize the wisdom derived from advanced technology, long history, nature and culture in Sanuki region, Kagawa and Japan.


The International Consortium for Earth and Development Sciences (ICEDS), the organizing committee of the International Conference on the Water Crisis, will hold parallel sessions on the third day of the conference (12th Feb. 2015). We would like to invite colleagues to submit papers on research topics relevant to the themes above and/or keywords listed below. We will organize parallel sessions based on your submissions. We look very much forward to your participation.

Proposals for papers should include: i) title of paper, ii) author(s), and iii) abstract (less than 300 words) and should be submitted to:
no later than 8 January 2015 (Thu).

Date, Time and Venue of Parallel Sessions

Date: 12th Feb 2015 (Thu) Time: 9:30-16:00 Venue: Kagawa University Language: English

Key Words

Main Keywords

Water cycle / Water body Water resources / Water supply / Water environment / Water and history / Water culture Water and Industry / Disaster / Climate change adaptation / Water front


Water resources / Virtual water / Water cycle / Climate Ocean / Sea / Estuary / Lake / Rivers / Rain and clouds / Ground water Canals / Reservoirs / Dams and barrages / Embankment Tube well / Water supply and sewage / Irrigation / Drinking water / Drainage system Industrial water / Hydroelectric Power Plant / Water transport / Seawater desalination Agriculture / Aquatic products / Ocean Fishery / Freshwater Fishery Water quality control / Wastewater / Management system (human / technical) Disasters / Extreme rainfall / Floods / Droughts / Landslides / River bank erosion / Tsunami Biodiversity / Oceanic productivity / Vegetation / Ecological systems / Diseases Water front / Geoparks / Green tourism / Sato-Umi / Sato-Yama Climate change / Adaptation / Exposure / Vulnerability Weathering / Dissection / Sedimentation / Geological formation / Underground resources Network dynamics / Big data / Narrative approaches / Action research

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